MOUSE: Razer Taipan
KEYBOARD: Corsair k70 RapidFire


Known for his aggression and large champion pool, Smittyj is a top laner that likes to fight. Whether it's soaking up damage on the front line, or diving the enemy backline, where there is action, SmittyJ will be at the heart of it. After promoting Schalke to the LCS, SmittyJ has once again teamed up with Caedrel, this time under the H2K banner.

Lennart 'Smittyj' Warkus




It seems like a lifetime ago that Shook played the perfect game against Najin at the World Championships. Clearly, the ability is still there in abundance, as he continues to carve his way through the competition. Lee Sin might not be meta anymore, but a smart head on a mechanically gifted jungler will always be meta!

Ilyas 'Shook' Hartsema


MOUSE: Logitech G402
KEYBOARD: Razer Blackwidow X Chroma


Returning to H2K after his impressive stand-in performances for the team in 2016, Selfie is looking to solidify himself as one of the best mids in Europe. Another of the Schalke old guard, he will look to carry alongside former teammates SmittyJ.

Marcin 'Selfiemid' Wolski


MOUSE: Zowie fk 2
KEYBOARD: Mionix Zibal 60


Touted by many as the most talented young player in Europe. Known for his dominant laning style and top tier mechanics, the question on everyone's lips will be whether or not he can successfully transfer his raw talent to the LCS stage. If he is able to unleash his full potential, who is to say what the ceiling for this roster can be.

Patrik 'Sheriff' Jiru


MOUSE: Logitech G303
KEYBOARD: XG-K2-R-RGB Scandinavian


Complimenting the young talent in the carry positions, "promisq" will look to balance the team out with his experience and veteran voice on the rift. Respected and considered undervalued his peers, viewers may find themselves surprised by what the see from the Swede in 2018.

Hampus 'Promisq' Abrahamsson


After an impressive stint on Origen in 2015, Veteran joined the coaching staff for the legendary 2016 H2K, reaching the top 4 at the World Championships. Since then, he has carved his own path as a head coach for Schalke with 2 impressive splits and an LCS promotion under his belt. Moving into 2018 he will look to continue to write history back on where he was most successful, H2K.

Michael 'Veteran' Archer



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H2K (Hard to Kill) belongs to a small group of early esports organizations that contracted professional players before the live-streaming revolution.

Our League of Legends team has been among the most consistent and successful teams in the World. For three consecutive years, we have finished in the top three in the European LCS. In 2016, H2K was the only Western team to reach the semi-finals of the World Championship held at Madison Square Garden in NY City after emerging as the number 1 seed from its group in San Francisco and winning its quarter final match in Chicago.

Today, we boast a board and management team to rival the best in the industry. Our CEO was the former CFO for Kanye West's West Brands while our Board members range from a former founding partner at a prestigious law firm to a Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Together with a management team comprised of esports veterans, H2K seeks to be the world's best esports franchise both inside and out of the games we compete in.

H2K is proud of its commitment to our talent; providing competitive salaries, best in class living conditions and a dedicated creative media team for our committed pro-players. Supported by some of the most engaged and loyal fans in the games we play makes H2K one of the fastest growing organizations in esports.

Unlike traditional major league sport teams, esport teams do not generally have mature veteran players or coaches to give guidance to the younger players. H2K recognizes this and believes it has a special responsibility to provide the young players, who are away from home, with the support system they need to grow emotionally so they are comfortable with both themselves and the outside world.

  • Mitchell Blatt

    Board Member
  • Shayne Gary

    Board Member
  • Stan Levy

    Board Member
  • David Lippe

    Co-Chairman of the Board
  • Richard Lippe

    Co-Chairman, General Counsel, Director of Special Projects
  • Susan Tully

  • Richard Wells

    Chief Gaming Officer

At H2K we pride ourselves on maintaining a strong relationship with our fan base and never shying away from conversation. If you have any question, inquiry or simply require information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For sponsorship and player inquiries please send a mail to