Kostas “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou joined H2K in December of 2015. Known for his lightning fast reflexes and punishing style of play dating back to his days with the Copenhagen Wolves, League of Legends analysts declared that his addition made H2K the team to beat in the EU LCS spring split.

Within days of FORG1VEN’s addition to the roster, H2K participated in IEM Cologne where FORG1VEN helped lead H2K first past a battle tested Cloud 9 team and then past the Korean team Ever with a delayed pentakill. H2K faced a number of obstacles during the subsequent spring split, including Ryu’s inability to play against G2 and other teams because of visa issues, and FORG1VEN’s draft notice from the Greek military. But the team was resilient, overcoming these obstacles to set a franchise record with 14 regular season wins and finish second in the split.

Susan Tully, H2K’s CEO, recalls how, when H2K was still in first place, FORG1VEN was devastated by his draft call. I learned then,? said Susan, ?that he has a strong sense of right and wrong. He made clear to me that while he wished to complete his esports career, he felt a patriotic obligation to his country which he loves.

After the spring split ended, H2K and FORG1VEN, retaining a mutual respect, chose to part ways. Shortly thereafter he announced his temporary retirement from League of Legends, singling out H2K as the one team that had treated him well during his career.

According to Susan Tully, CEO of H2K,

Kostas relentlessly pursues perfection for both himself and his team. This sometimes leads to misunderstandings because he is so hard on himself and his teammates, but our entire organization knows that he is a sensitive and very loyal person.

Once Freeze’s wrist injury started to get worse, H2K needed a highly qualified substitute to step in and perform well with little notice if and when Freeze was unable to play, and FORG1VEN was the natural choice. Kostas agreed to help. He rejoined the team as a backup and analyzed every H2K game from the summer split to be ready to jump into the starting lineup if an emergency developed. It didn’t take long; his phone rang on Thursday, July 30th, two hours before midnight and two days before crucial games for H2K’s playoff push. Unless he replaced Freeze as a starter, H2K had no alternative other than to forfeit its weekend games against Unicorns of Love and Origen.

Despite not having played League of Legends for several months and having just undergone oral surgery, FORG1VEN cancelled his scheduled activities, put aside any lingering team tensions, booked his own flight after a mixup, and was in Berlin by Friday morning. After sleeping most of Friday, and without any practice, he and his teammates took the LCS stage together for the first time since the end of the spring split.

The rest is now history. The starting roster from the spring split was together again and their play during this crucial weekend was magical. FORG1VEN’s presence ignited everyone. The team defeated Unicorns and Origin, both 2-0, and then defeated Fnatic in an unscheduled tiebreaker, lifting themselves to a fourth place finish in the EU LCS.

H2K is grateful for FORG1VEN’s loyalty to both his teammates and the franchise. He is a world-class player and a world-class person, and we’re proud to have him in the H2K family.