Diving into the history of Odoamne

Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu became well known in the League of Legends esports scene in 2014. His name is derived from the Romanian translation for “Oh my God!” Before Andrei became the famous top laner and team leader for H2K, he competed in something entirely different.

Swimming has always been a part of the Pascu family heritage. Andrei’s dad and brother were both competitive swimmers. Despite a slow start, Andrei achieved a high level of success at the age of fourteen. He received numerous medals for his outstanding performances and even set Romanian records which stand to this day. Odoamne made his entrance into League of Legends in Season 2. At first, Odoamne played LoL to escape from the daily grind of swimming. Ironically, it would eventually become his passion and career.

In Season 4 he began competing in League of Legends for H2K. Some of his first teammates included big name players like Hjärnan, Febiven, and Trashy. As H2K achieved a higher level of success, Odoamne made the difficult decision of taking a one year break from university to focus on his League of Legends career. His parents were not in favor of this decision.

While Febiven, Hjarnan and Trashy would end up parting ways with the organization, Odoamne stayed on board. Today he is the backbone and leader of the H2K team. Since joining H2K, Odoamne has never missed playoffs and has qualified for the World Championships two years in a row, the longest active streak in the European League Championship Series.

He has shown repeatedly that when he sets his mind on something he achieves success. From swimming to League of Legends, Odoamne has always strived and achieved greatness. Off the rift, Odoamne is a loyal member of the organization and is loved and respected by all his teammates, coaches and managers. His approach to practice and his sense of responsibility are admirable. When asked to do something for the organization Odoamne is always enthusiastic; he is the definition of a team player. This shines through to his in-game approach. His unique skill set has earned him acclaim as one of the best top laners in the world.