Richard Lippe, Board Co-Chairman of H2K, today announced that H2K is seeking partners to work with it to become a top-tier, multi-title organization led by its highly successful League of Legends Team in the EULCS.

According to Lippe, H2K has distinguished itself by its reliable and consistent high level of performance since its entry into the League in 2014.   In the regular season of each split since then, H2K has placed among the top 3 teams with a 10-3 record in the just concluded 2017 Spring Split.   More impressive, in 2015 and 2016 H2K qualified for the coveted World Championship.   In 2016 H2K reached the semi-finals of the world championship at Madison Square Garden – the only Western Team to do so. “World-Class team performance, driven by professionalism, and H2K’s core family values with a focus on the emotional growth and well-being of its players continue to be at the heart of H2K’s mission”, stated Lippe.

H2K has a growing and highly engaged fan base.  According to Lippe, “since re-branding ten months ago, recognized metrics show that H2K is one of the fastest growing brands with one of the highest level of fan engagement of any League of Legends team in Europe and North America with over 29 Million in total reach on Twitter (1.6 engagement rate on each post), over 45 Million in total reach on Facebook, and 1.8 million views on our recently launched YouTube channel.   Additionally, the H2WHAT video series, published weekly, is highly watched and regarded by the League of Legends Community.

As H2K has been growing stronger, the esports Landscape has also been shifting rapidly.   Over the last 18 months, there have been 12 + separate strategic partnerships forged between Owners/Teams of the NBA, European Soccer, and MLB Teams.   Also, many esports Teams have raised significant capital through investments from large venture capital and private equity investors.   There are substantial synergies between esports Organizations and other professional sports organizations, and large capital reserves have strengthened our competitors.

“The H2K ownership group”, stated Lippe, has concluded that “a go-it-alone” strategy is no longer the right approach for the franchise to achieve and sustain a position in the top-tier of esports.   Therefore, we are actively engaged in seeking potential partners who can help take H2K to the next level.   We encourage interested parties to contact us directly.   Our Partners will have to share our commitment to growing and strengthening the H2K franchise, and to reach new heights of success in League of Legends, and other esports Leagues.”

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